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EchtNederlands stands for quality and involvement

Who are we?
We provide courses Dutch language, Integration courses and State Examination processes.

To successfully participate in society you have to master the Dutch language and know how the Dutch society is organized. We have a wide range of courses Dutch language, integration courses and state examination processes for citizens who have another mother tongue than Dutch. After completing the course, depend on the level at which you start, you will be able to visit the doctor by yourself, do your shopping, attend a study and get a job.

Courses are given according to the European Framework (CEFR), also known as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This is a guideline developed to describe language progress. Our classes are taught by qualified professionals with extensive experience. The classes consist of up to 10 students, so you get the proper attention and guidance. You will benefit from excellent quality at competitive prices

After completing your language course, you may face obstacles when trying to participate actively in society. EchtNederlands therefore offers an aftercare program in which you get tools to participate effectively in society.

Why should you choose for EchtNederlands?

  • Qualified professionals with broad experience
  • Personal coaching
  • Course fits in perfectly with the integration exam
  • Most teachers master besides English also Arabic as an additional language
  • Social consultation
  • Aftercare program
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price.


NT2 Certified Teachers
Our classes are taught by qualified professionals with extensive experience.

Blik Op Werk Mark
EchtNederlands is a certified Blik op Werk organization. This means that you follow a course of good quality.

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